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Homosexual Laws Around the World

World homosexuality laws

While researching activism in the LGBT community, I stumbled upon this illustrated mapping of laws regarding homosexuality around the world on Wikipedia Common. The illustration of the data is quite clinical in that the geographical map does not inform us of nothing more than location. The only other information extracted from this map is through the use of color to impart a narrative. Without the legend, we know that countries with the same shade and tone are categorized into a particular group. The impact of this map relies heavily on its reductive nature along with secondary properties such as color to tell a story. The full potential of this mapping is not realized without the text in the legend to tap into my empathy. Without it, we could only surmised that most of Africa and the Middle East has some form of similarity, as does most of the United States and Asia or Europe, Canada, Australia, and parts of South America. Without a doubt, whether it is from a personal perspective or empathy, this map was the seed that compelled me into action.


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